Reproducing Test-Comp Results

A description on how we make the results of the competition reproducible can be found in the competition report; the components that are listed below in the table are described in Sect. 4 "Reproducibility".

Tester Lang. Jury member Affiliation Archive Bechmark definition System description
Overview Dirk Beyer LMU Munich talk
CoVeriTest C Marie-Christine Jakobs LMU Munich, Germany Download coveritest.xml talk
CPA/Tiger-MGP C Sebastian Ruland TU Darmstadt, Germany Download cpa-tiger.xml ...
ESBMC-bkind 6.1 C Rafael Menezes Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil Download esbmc-kind.xml ...
ESBMC-falsif 6.1 C Mikhail Gadelha University of Southampton, UK Download esbmc-falsi.xml talk
FairFuzz C Caroline Lemieux University of California at Berkeley, USA Download fairfuzz.xml ...
KLEE C Cristian Cadar Imperial College London, UK Download klee.xml talk
PRTest C Thomas Lemberger LMU Munich, Germany Download prtest.xml talk
Symbiotic C Martina Vitovsk√° Masaryk University, Czechia Download symbiotic.xml talk
VeriFuzz C Raveendra Kumar Medicherla TCS, India Download verifuzz.xml talk


Validator Contact Affiliation Archive Benchmark definition
TBF Test-Suite Validator Thomas Lemberger LMU Munich, Germany Download tbf-testsuite-validator.xml